Down East Flicks Fest

June 3-5, 2016    Greenville, NC

Midwest Double Tap

April 28, 2016    Chicago, IL

​Winner---Best Feature Film

​​Winner---Best Comedy Feature

Ridgefield Independent Film Festival

MaY 20-22, 2016    Ridgefield, CT

Albuquerque Film & Music Experience

April 21, 2016    Albuquerque, NM

WINNER--- Best Director (Josh Hope), Best Supporting Actress (D'arcy Fellona)​ 

Nominated---Best Feature Film, Best Comedy, Best Oklahoma Film

 Winner---Best Feature Film, Best Director (Josh Hope), Best Actor (Tommy Beardmore)

Nominated---Best Screenplay, Best Actress (Elyse Cantor), Best Poster (Chris Pinner)

 2nd Place---Best Drama-Comedy Feature Film

Winner---Crystal Twister Audience Award

Whistler Film Festival

December 2-6 , 2015    Whistler, Canada

Salt Fork Film Festival

September 9, 2015     Alva, OK

Red Dirt Intl. Film Festival

October 9, 2015    Stillwater, OK ​​​

Laughlin Intl. Film Festival

October 15-18, 2015    Laughlin, NV ​

Boston Independent Film Festival

July 15, 2015    Boston, MA​

Comedy cluj Intl. Film Festival

October 9-18, 2015    Cluj, Romania ​

CloseUp (NYC)

July 11, 2015    new york city, ny​

Twister Alley Film Festival

April 24, 2015    Woodward, OK

​​​Winner---Best Comedy Feature &

Best Director (Josh Hope)

Nominee---Best Actor (Tommy Beardmore)

WINNER---Best Director (Josh Hope), Best Editing (Chris Hong) & Best Score (Tony Green)

NOMINEE---Best Actor (Tommy Beardmore), Best Supporting Actress (D'arcy Fellona), 

Jersey City Intl. Film Festival

October 16-18, 2015    Jersey City, NJ ​

​​​WINNER---Best Feature Film

Sydney Indie Film Festival

October 17-25, 2015    Sydney, Australia

 Winner---Best Music Score (Tony Green)

Universal Film Festival

September 24-26, 2015   Kansas City, MO

Boston Film Festival

September 17-21, 2015     Boston, MA​

Eyecatcher Film Festival

November 12-15 , 2015    MacAlester, OK

NIFF Houston Intl. Film Festival

October 14-17, 2015    Houston, TX ​

Brasov Intl. Film Festival & Market

September 12, 2015     Brasov, Romania​

The Indie Film Gathering INtl. Film Festival

August 29, 2015     Cleveland, OH​

Austin Revolution Film Festival

September 26, 2015     Austin, TX

Fly Film Festival

August 7, 2015     Enid, OK​

Riverside International Film Festival

MaY 5-12, 2016    Riverside, CA

Lumiere Film Festival

December 11-28 , 2015    Rome, Italy

Another Independent Film Festival

November 13-14 , 2015    Eau Claire, WI

Blackbird Film Festival

April 23, 2016    Cortland, NY

​​​Winner---Rising Star Award

​​​WINNER---Best Feature Film

East Lansing Film Festival

November 7-8, 2015    East Lansing, MI ​

Ojai Film Festival

November 8-9, 2015    Ojai, CA ​

Texas Independent Film Festival

February 26-27, 2016    College Station, TX

Canada intl. Film Festival

April 9, 2016    Vancouver, Canada

Buffalo Niagara Film Festival

April 14, 2016    Buffalo, NY

​​​WINNER---Best Narrative Feature 

Nominee---Best of Fest

Palm Beach intl. Film Festival

April 8 & 11, 2016    Palm Beach, FL

Nominated---Best Feature Film, Best Director (Josh Hope)

ICE Film Festival

February 20 , 2016    Dayton, OH

North Hollywood CineFest

March 19, 2016    North Hollywood, CA

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Sedona Film Festival

February 20-28 , 2016    Sedona, AZ

Midwest Double Tap

May 1, 2016    West Lafayette, IN

​​Winner---Audience Choice Best Feature Film

Ascona Film Festival

February 25-27, 2016    Ascona, Switzerland

​​​WINNER---Best Drama Feature Film

​​Winner---'Extra Mile'Award

Nominee---Best Film, Indie Spirit Award

Gig Harbor Film Festival

October 15-18, 2015    Gig Harbor, WA ​

Toronto Film Week

September 12-18, 2016    Toronto, Canada

Machetanz Film Festival

MaY 31-June 5, 2016    Palmer, AK

Interrobang Film Festival

June 23-26, 2016    Des Moines, IA

New York Film Week

October 3-9, 2016    New York, NY

Manhattan Film Festival

April 20, 2016    New York, NY

Orlando Film Festival

October 21-25, 2015    ORlando, FL ​

Real to Reel Intl. Film Fest

July 27-30, 2016    Kings Mountain, NC

Frozen Film Festival

February 4-6 , 2016    St. Paul, MN

​​Winner---Best Feature Film